About SRY

Spinal Release Yoga (SRY) is a "deceptively simple", deeply rejuvenative practice that utilizes props and precise angles to help resolve tension patterns in the body and mind. By slowing down and avoiding extreme angles, we shift our focus inward, giving ourselves space for a little magic to unfold. 



Marlene has been working as a Respiratory Therapist since 2009, helping critically ill patients on their worst—and sometimes last—days, with the "simple" task of breathing.  As a professional caregiver, self care became an even bigger priority, and she turned to yoga as a refuge from the physical and emotional stress of her job...and life, in general. She loved this full body meditation composed of hot sweaty poses. Her answer to any injury was to do more yoga and deeper poses, but the aches eventually persisted. 

After practicing consistently for a few years, Marlene tried Spinal Release Yoga, out of curiosity and as a solution to getting better sleep. Following a single class, her most nagging injury—tight hip flexors—truly melted away, however briefly, but she was hooked. Before long, she had her own blankets and pose cards at home, still taking group classes and spoiling herself with a few private sessions. 

The choice to teach was easy, and Marlene became a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Introductory Teacher in June 2017 and continues to be amazed at the profound effects of doing the same simple foundational poses everyday. She recently completed her 200-hour Spinal Release Yoga Training with Kaya Mindlin and greatly looks forward to further studies in this sacred healing practice.

One of my favorite videos by my lovely teacher Kaya